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In our experience, service from the larger survey organisations is limited or even non-existent outside normal office hours.


We take pride in offering immediate casualty response on a 24/7 basis, and very often this ability to respond promptly to claim instructions can make the difference between a major and a minor loss.

Our Service Standards for our insurer clients are as follows:

... Within 2 hours (24/7)

... Within 2 hours (24/7)

... Within 2 Days

... Every 7 days (unless otherwise agreed)

... Within 12 hours (24/7)

We take your instructions very seriously. Our widespread knowledge of ports and repairers is a great help in offering timely advice to claimants and we can always be trusted to provide you and your clients with a prompt and professional service 24/7.

Please notify all new claim instructions to 07 4947 3350 (24/7) or email us