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Topics we have covered include:

The underwriting risks associated with catamaran sailing vessels – particularly of the modern composite construction type - and how to differentiate between them from a risk factor perspective.

In recent times we have developed some training packages specifically for use across a number of areas. Firstly we have assisted Insurers and their underwriting and claims staff with their understanding of technical marine issues.


We find that most marine insurance staff have come from an insurance background rather than a marine background and that some training in marine matters can be very beneficial.

Our work in this area is on a custom basis and tailored to meet the requirements or particular interests of any group. Our presentations are heavily focused on real life examples and case histories.



The use and adequacy of cyclone moorings in tropical waters.

The differences in types of sailing vessel rigs (masthead, fractional etc.), how to differentiate between them from a risk factor perspective.

The risks associated with landing barge type vessels and how to ensure they are minimized

Different types of propulsion arrangements.

Secondly we have been instrumental in assisting Owners with developing emergency management plans using realistic scenarios, and also explaining to them the technical issues involved with marine claims handling so they can better understand the process.